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Worthy of Recognition

At Coin Displays, we're honored to be a part of so many memorable occasions. Our displays preserve the coins that commemorate your proudest moments and favorite places, and they're the perfect gifts for occasions that will eventually become fond memories too.



Let’s just say, after presenting these to our honored guests, I had four head of agencies come up to me asking where I got these challenge coin holders. They wanted to purchase their own and with glowing recommendations, I gave them Coin Displays’ name. The workmanship was above anything else our group has seen.
— Michael Neelon
I wanted to get back to you to let you know the Coin Displays were a HIT! One member of the team even said that they were the best yet… and she had been on a few teams already! So thank you again for your kind cooperation, patience and ultimate amazing results of a thank you gift we were very proud and excited to present to the team!
— Kathy Ryan
New South Wales Police Force (Australia) were extremely pleased with the detail of the logo engraved into the wood. The high quality craftsmanship made an excellent gift for an officer who retired after 35 years of service. A great way to display challenge coins.
— Jennifer McWhinnie
Excellent product! I have not given a better gift. The coins fit perfectly and the craftsmanship was amazing. My husband has spent years trying to find a way to display both sides of his challenge coins without having people touch them. This was the answer. Five stars for sure!
— Brooke Morehead