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Customer Reviews

Reviews sent in by our customers showcasing their challenge coins in our Coin Displays.


Coin Displays

After scouring the internet for just the right way to showcase a challenge coin, I found this exquisite Rotating Coin Display. I chose the African Padauk wood, which is absolutely stunning.

The display has so much dignity and class. Your coin will proudly take its place among all other awards and will be a true standout. I would not hesitate to present this to the top brass of any organization, be it Colonel, Chief, Senator or National Hero! Everyone who sees it admires it! Kudos for a great solution to the “back of the coin is too nice to hide”... I can’t imagine it being any nicer. The quality is flawless, the fit was perfect, and the end product is ingenious and far nicer than I dared to hope with an internet purchase. I recommend this without hesitation! Worth every penny!
— Laurel Holland, Veterans Affairs