Personalized "Cheers" Platter

Personalized "Cheers" Platter

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Gift giving can be challenging, especially when you want something unique.  We have taken it to the next level by giving you the flexibility to customize exactly as you want it.

This custom engraved platter is engraved with your last name and initial and encircled with "Cheers" in four different languages, English, Spanish, Italian and French.  The platter also has a channel to catch any juices when using as a cutting board for meat.

Before placing your order, simply send us your idea and we will create a render for you.


  • Available Sizes: Small (12” x 10”), Medium (16” x 10”), Large (18” x 10”)

  • Non-marking feet included

  • Channel to catch juices included

  • Designer handles (optional)

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