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Made in America

Challenge Coin Blog

Our Coin Displays blog is dedicated to bringing you information on challenge coins as well as other interesting articles on coins and the different ways to display them.

Made in America

Coin Displays

All of our products are hand-made out of natural woods from around the world.

Made in America does not roll off our tongues like it used to. With so many products today made overseas, competing for the piece of pie is very difficult. 

The movement for more “Made in America” products is making a comeback though. There are several companies out there creating buzz such as Made in America Store and The Made in America Movement. We at Coin Displays are doing our part by making all of our displays in sunny Miami, Florida. We take pride in letting our customers know that our displays are hand made in the USA. Be a part of this movement by educating yourself where products are made and supporting all of our business here in the United States.

Proud to be Made in America, we thank you for your continued support. Take a look at our Coin Displays product video to get a glimpse of just how much better is to buy American-made.