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Military Challenge Coins - Awards - Gifts

Commemorate the military career of someone special with a gift that will be forever treasured. Our Coin Displays are the perfect way to thank them for their service to our country.

Gift giving is a fine art, especially when your recipient is especially deserving, but it gets easier when you take advantage of our 15 years of fine woodworking experience. Hand-crafted coin displays are excellent ways to protect and showcase your loved one's coin collection, and when you present a special coin in its own custom display, you elevate the moment for the worthy recipient.

Our displays showcase both sides of a challenge coin, instead of hiding half of the details that make it special. The Rotating Coin Displays allow you to switch the view easily while our Inkline Coin Displays allow a full range of adjustability, from an upright position, to a gentle incline. Give a personalized display to honor the end of a long military career, celebrate your loved one's personal achievements or simply to say thank you.

Thank military veterans

Challenge coins are collectible, tangible reminders of the debt our country owes to our most ambitious service members. Thank the veterans or current military members in your life by giving their achievements a classic, highly visible spotlight. A classic wooden display case continues a very American tradition of hands-on craftsmanship and natural materials, and best of all, it actually lives up to the duty of displaying such special coins. 

Honor team players

If you're a manager, corporate buyer or business owner, you know that recognition is vital for employee morale. Loyal staff members who go above and beyond deserve your appreciation and respect, so spring for details that let them know they have it. Honor professional awards, achievements and milestones, such as 10 or 20 years of service, with this keepsake gift instead of generic certificates or useless trophies. Commemorative coins in customizable, contemporary displays are always hits as corporate gifts. 

World-class woods

Each handmade coin display in our collection is one-of-a-kind, just like the coins that inspire their designs. Choose from a variety of exotic woods that range in color and grain, and enjoy fine woodworking details that bring out the natural textures without relying on any chemical stains or dyes. 

Perfect finishing touches

Our attention to detail extends to your entire gift giving experience. Present your coin display in a high-quality gift box that does justice to its valuable, unique contents. Completing the gift giving experience, the detailed packaging will add to the present's wow factor and keep the display protected until it's time to be opened. 

At Coin Displays, we're honored to be a part of so many memorable occasions. Our coin displays preserve the coins that commemorate your proudest moments and favorite places, and they're the perfect gifts for occasions that will eventually become fond memories too. Reward your favorite people with our handcrafted displays.

Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.
— Abraham Lincoln